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PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator and network file transfer application. This application helps us to handle server environment with commands on the Linux operating system.

In this article, we will see how to transfer files from localhost to server or vice a versa on Linux operating system. For that, you need to install PuTTY and PSCP( PuTTY Secure Copy client to transfer files using SSH) as per your machine configuration. Link below

Every mission, every construction needs planning to get a positive result. No matter how small or big house you want to build. First, you need some clarification. Otherwise, you ask people to work for you but nobody knows what will be the result.

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What is wireFrame?

WireFrame is nothing but a blueprint of your application which helps the client as well as the UI/UX designer to get basic clarity on ‘how an application will look like’.

It is a plain design representation where we are more concern about content rather than its colour, font etc.,

Git is one of the best open-source version controlling tool and widely used in web development companies. It consists of many features along with their respective commands which help the developer to maintain their code clean and separated from others work.

Let's see some basic command which is frequently used.

  1. Pull request

When we need the updated files from the server to our local machine the PULL request is used. It always a best practice to check updated files from the server. PULL to have the updated code and on sync with the team

//Initialize git to the folder location…

In JavaScipt we have three types of variable declarations which include let, var and const. let and const was introduced in ES6 Features.

Now let's see the difference between these variables and when to use them.

  1. Scope

var has function scoped whereas let and const were block-scoped( accessible within open and closed curly braces).

function Scope() {
if (1 == 1) {
var varScope = “var scope is available”;
let letScope = “let scope is available”;
const constScope = “const scope is available”;
//console.log(letScope); //Error: letScope is not defined
//console.log(constScope); …

In this session, we will deploy our Node Js and Angular application on the Heroku platform.

I split this application into two folders.

The folder structure of application

Entire backend code resides inside expenseTracker folder and frontend part is inside ui_angular folder.

So we will start with creating an angular build inside expenseTracker which is our backend code. For that, we need to edit outputPath from angular.json which is inside ui_angular folder.

In this blog, we will discuss one of the versatile methods from JavaScipt which is Splice().

We normally have data in an array format and most of the time we need to manipulate these array by deleting, inserting or replacing it with a new element. Let’s see how Splice() works.


Name_Of_Array.splice(index,delete_element, new_element_1, new_element_2,….);

· Name_Of_Array: Array name

· index: The starting point of Splice method(Array start with 0)

· delete_element: Number of elements should be deleted from index position

· new_element_1: New element that should be added/replaced by function.

Delete element

Example 1

Here we are having an array with name arrayMonth. We…

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