Beginner’s guide to wireframe

Every mission, every construction needs planning to get a positive result. No matter how small or big house you want to build. First, you need some clarification. Otherwise, you ask people to work for you but nobody knows what will be the result.

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What is wireFrame?

WireFrame is nothing but a blueprint of your application which helps the client as well as the UI/UX designer to get basic clarity on ‘how an application will look like’.

Standard Wireframe symbols
  • Use standard symbols for representation and maintain consistency throughout the process
  • Make sure you meet client requirements
  • It should not have too many or too less features on one page
  • It is okay to be messy but it should be understandable to you at least so you can explain it to others
  • For every feature ask Why? to yourself
    eg. on the home page you recommend image slider over the normal image because for e-commerce site it will be better to have image slider so we can show the user about our latest collections, offers, brand promotions etc.,
  • Avoid using colours and fancy fonts while designing. The client should not get distracted because of these mistakes. Keep them focused on the content so they will provide valuable feedback
  • Space should be well occupied
  • Try to write meaningful content for the paragraph, title tags.
    eg. for jewellery website you can write slogans from an advertisement which will make the client realise the purpose of that particular tag. This is optional, if you are good at writing only you should continue writing otherwise it is not UI/UX developer job to write content
  • Slides should be in sequence. After ‘Add to cart’ the next slide should be ‘Order confirmation’. This makes the client understand the exact flow of the website
Low fidelity->High fidelity->Actual Output (Image from google)

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